How To Boost Your Business By Optimizing For Near Me Searches


One fool-proof online marketing strategy being used by expert SEO companies today is maximizing local visibility. An effective way of doing this is to jump on the “near me” searches algorithm. Why? The local audience brands want to target are more likely to organically search for businesses near me rather than type their specific location. By using this to your advantage, your local visibility will help your brand get the attention it deserves.

Now that it is established that near me searches are advantageous, one question remains: how can the strategy be optimized? Here are a few tips from experienced SEO companies that will help increase your brand’s local online presence:

Tip 1: Update Your Google Local Business Listing

If your brand or company doesn’t have a Google Local Business page you might as well be invisible to all your potential customers. The key to being found online when a customer is searching for services or businesses near me is to have a business page on Google.

An updated contact number and address are the two most important information needed to help optimize the search results. The more accurate and updated the page, the better your chances are of being suggested by Google when a customer searches for a service, product, or anything related to your brand.

Tip 2: Allow Reviews And Feedback To Be Visible

Google takes comments, reviews, and feedback for brands, services, and restaurants seriously because the search engine knows how much readers value these comments. Hence, Google has made it very easy for previous customers to write a review of any establishment.

It is your job as a brand to make these comments and feedback visible for all to see. Yes, even those with negative comments are worth posting. Seeing honest and real reviews from customers add credibility and trust which boosts your online ranking significantly.

Tip 3: Check That ALL Information Published Is Consistent

Checking that all published information about your brand is consistent will do a great deal for your ranking. Simple errors such as an old phone number or the wrong street address will harm your ranking in the search results. Inaccurate contact details, address, and business name are bad for near me searches.

Be extra careful and browse through all listings, business pages, and your own website to ensure all details are correct and the same.

Tip 4: Upgrade To A Mobile-Friendly Website

It is a well-established fact that people who use “near me” searches are those on the go and using a mobile device. If your website is still in the dark ages and only caters to PC and desktop users, you are losing a large part of your audience. Even if it seems unnecessary, a mobile-friendly website will boost your online rankings and increase traffic, so it is definitely worth the investment.

Becoming one of the top suggested businesses on the near me result will not happen overnight. However, following the tips mentioned above is a sure way to steadily climb to the number one spot and possibly holding on to it.

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