How Do You Care For Wooden Blinds?

Wooden blinds are a true investment as it will add a timeless dimension to any environment. Be it office or home, wooden blinds add beauty to space, especially, transform the space into more vibrant. In order to make the most of your wooden blinds, it is essential to maintain them. However, you may be wondering how to keep them looking as good as they were installed. Proper cleaning and maintenance, combining with the right blind cleaning Sydney methods will help extend their lifespan.

However, each type of blind has its own unique cleaning and care needs. Wooden blinds should be cleaned with proper care and right cleaning methods to protect        them from damages. With this in mind, here are a few tips and list of the cleaning techniques and tools required for window blind cleaning Sydney:-

Cleaning with a duster 

Dusting is one of the quickest and easiest blind cleaning Sydney methods if you don’t have much time. Close the slats in one direction and start wiping over with a dry cloth or duster. Wiping in the downward motion will not disturb the slat positions. Once you are done with one direction, open the slats and close again in an opposite direction. This time wipe down the slats as done before.

For more detailed cleaning, you will need a dry cloth or blind cleaner tool. Open the slats and start cleaning each slat by running across the slat, starting at the centre and working outwards. Then close the blind and open in the opposite direction to clean the underside of the slats.

Cleaning with a vacuum   

If you have a low suction vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, use it to clean your wooden blinds. Never use a high suction vacuum cleaner to clean the blinds as it may damage the slats and leads to unnecessary blind repairs Sydney

Take a slat in one hand and carefully run the vacuum cleaner brush over the slats to remove the dust and dirt. Repeat this on each side to remove the dust. If the uppermost slats are not reachable, climb on a stool and do the same rather than over-reaching and pulling on the blind slats as it will damage it.  You could also take the blind out and carefully clean it.

Do not use detergent 

Like all wooden products, excess moisture can be detrimental to your wooden blinds as well. Yes, excess moisture can make it expand and warp. So, it is advisable to avoid cleaning the wooden blinds with detergent solution or water as part of your routine cleaning.  Besides, wooden blinds are treated with special stains and varnishes to achieve the desired look, water, and liquid cleaners may affect the varnish that makes it to streak and peel.

Removing stains 

Use a lightly damp cloth to remove the sticky and stubborn stains that cannot be removed with a dry cloth. However, do not rub too hard as it will affect the paint and varnish finish on the wooden blinds. Once you are done, wipe away the excess moisture.

Hope these tips and tricks help clean your wooden blinds efficiently and extend its lifespan.