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Have A Broken Printer? Los Angeles Printing Companies Will Help - Fond Sector B

Have A Broken Printer? Los Angeles Printing Companies Will Help

Signs That You Should Replace An Old Printer

If you had been using your printer for a long time, you could easily be attached to its features and capabilities. 

However, similarly as any other device, printing machines also have a lifespan, which means that at a certain point; you will have to ask yourself whether you should continue using the old-school solution or choose something advanced that will improve your productivity.

In the world of printers, most of them come with an affordable price tag based on the features that you wish to get. 

The main reason for the low price is due to expensive ink cartridges, which means that it will be more costly to replace cartridges in the long run than buying a device that you will use for years.

That is why you should visit from Los Angeles to avoid the hassle and print anything you need when your old printing machine fails to do so.

Therefore, if you are not tech-savvy, you should stay with us, because we will present you valuable information that will help you determine whether your current printer is old for replacement.


  • Printer Cannot Meet Your Needs



Similarly, as the name suggests, the primary purpose of all printers is to print, which is logical assumption. Of course, some new models come with the ability to fax, scan and copy files but they come with higher price tags than regular ones.

In case it cannot handle your specific requirements, it is vital to find a device that will provide you the possibility to stay ahead of others and improve your productivity. You will be able to notice that your printer is not efficient by these signs:

  • It cannot provide you with a specific number of pages you requested in the first place.
  • It cannot handle the paper capacity you require for a specific reason.
  • During the process of printing multiple papers, it suddenly stops from working altogether.

If a yield will not change, and you used it for a long time to handle numerous papers daily, it means that current printer cannot process your requirements.

This tends to happen after your cartridge fails, which means that you have to find another one. However, the old machines are also spending more ink from cartridges than new ones, which means that you will have to replace them frequently.

In the long run, maintaining old printer will only lead to more expenses and still reduced ability to print pages you need. Therefore, when the device becomes obsolete, it will be much more affordable in the long run to find a new printer altogether.


  • You Are Not Satisfied With Overall Performance


If you have an urge to swear every single time you’re using an old printer, it means that you should avoid using it and find the different one that will reduce the stress and hassle you feel daily.

Remember that every single electronic device can run slowly and feature flaws, especially if you are using it for years. However, if you are struggling every single day to print your requirements, the best thing that you can do is to upgrade the current printer.

    • Slow Print Speed – One of the biggest reasons for slow printing speed is because you have an old model that cannot go fast as the latest models. If you feel overwhelming every time you decide to print something, it means that you should respect your time and find the new model so that you can reduce time-consumption while waiting for pages to pop-out.


  • Print Blemishes – The main reason for blemishes is due to the old or defective toner cartridge, but if you already changed it and the problem persists, it means that the efficiency of your printer is failing. Check out for marks, bars, and lines, and if they do not improve after replacement, the problem lies in entire device. You can find Xerox Premium Toner Cartridge online if you need a replacement.


If you wish to learn how to clean a printer, you should check here for more information. 


  • Obsolete Technology


Similarly, as you would update and upgrade your computer as well as mobile device every few years so that you can enjoy the latest features and technology, having a printing machine requires the same set of thoughts.

Remember that print technology advanced in the last few years, and new models appear on the market almost every single month. 

Recent developments brought us an ability to find printers that can handle up to 24 pages per minute, while some high-end models can handle 75 pages per minute. 

Apart from printing speed, the latest models come with additional features such as automatic duplex printing, scanning, and many more.

Another essential consideration you should know is that old printing machines are expensive for repairing and maintaining, and the technology changed rapidly and got to a point where it is challenging to fix printers that are a few years old, due to expensive components.

Therefore, if your printing machine features more than five years in age, it is much better for your budget to replace it with a new one since the parts will be highly expensive.

At the same time, old printers are challenging to repair because parts are becoming rare as time goes by. Apart from that, you will have to pay for labor costs in combination with replacement parts and end up spending almost half of another latest one. 

Besides, toner cartridges are becoming obsolete since they evolve, so you can find the old models through trusted vendors, but most of them will give advantage to a new model instead of an old one.