Finding the Right Quality Accounting Services: 6 Rules

By using the services of a specialized accounting firm Singapore, both an individual entrepreneur and the head of a limited liability company (LLC), as well as the director of any other form of ownership, can remain calm and confident because of the legality and correctness of accounting at his company. And for this to happen, when choosing an outsourcer, you should follow these rules:

  1. Ensure the professional training of its employees.Only a firm with highly educated and professional staff, which also has more than one year of experience, will be able to keep high-quality accounting in various sectors of the economy. For such specialists there will be no unresolved issues related to accounting services.
  2. Inquire about the company’s reputation. The fact is that accounting outsourcing services began to be provided in Singapore not today and not yesterday, but at least ten years ago. Therefore, companies that specialize in this have had enough time to earn unconditional prestige. Positive customer feedback on the site, comforting information in the media and other information sources, leading positions in professional rankings, mentions on social networks and popular forums – all these achievements can boast not all companies that provide accounting services in Singapore today, but only those which were able to express themselves.
  3. Find out if the company is ready to provide you with a trial package of accounting services. In this case, it is a small free consultation or a trial paid period or a separate short-term project for accounting consulting and support. For example for two weeks to a month, or for a separate area of ​​accounting (VAT, salary, fixed assets, quarterly balance, etc.) during which potential clients have the opportunity to compare with previous experience and assess the quality of accounting services provided by the outsourcer. The professionals of accounting firm also give you complete information about the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
  4. Another equally important criterion for choosing a company-provider of accounting services at the enterprise – its compliance with confidentiality. The outsourcer must guarantee you in the contract or in the additional agreement that not only any information about the activities of the organization provided by you will be kept strictly confidential, but all information received from you in paper or electronic form will remain unchanged.
  5. Ask if the accounting service provider is ready to perform an express accounting audit. Such a procedure is in the interests not only of the customer but also of the contractor. After all, an experienced accountant does not need much time to understand the condition of the documentation and identify “running” areas of accounting. If the outsourcing company promises you quality services at minimum rates without prior acquaintance with the company’s documentation – this is a sign of irresponsibility.
  6. Discuss the features of pricing for accounting at the enterprise. You need to understand where the numbers come from in the account so that you understand what you are paying for and can see the dynamics of changes in value depending on quantitative and qualitative indicators, such as number of transactions, staff, features of certain taxes. For example excise duty, cash transactions, complexity / simplicity of economic activities (production / trade, IT services), seasonality, which may affect the price of accounting outsourcing, as usually high in season and low in the off-season, etc. Prices for accounting services must be flexible and the package of services must be variable in order to be able to supplement or reduce it. And remember: only a good company will allow you to outsource part of the business operations or areas of accounting.