Exactly What Public Insurance Adjusters Do

Insurance adjusters are those people who are responsible for evaluating the damage to a home following any type of incident. Public insurance adjusters will evaluate any property loss suffered by a policyholder and help them with filing any insurance claim and do this only for a small fee. They have usually licensed professionals who work for businesses or individuals – not the insurance companies – and can save you a great deal of money by making certain that your insurance company is paying the entire amount they are responsible for under your policy.

Work for insured

An insurance adjuster is the only professional involved in property loss who works only for the policyholders. They are hired by any individuals or businesses when they believe they need help in filing any claim or if they believe that a claim amount already offered by an insurance company is unreasonable. 

Claims covered

These professional adjusters help with claims for:

  • Flood
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Wind damage
  • Hurricane damage

Damage can also occur from many other hazards and are filed and negotiated by these public adjusters. Property losses can also result in other kinds of losses such as loss of business income which an adjuster can evaluate and help with a claim.

Hiring an adjuster

Any person who is considering filing a claim on their property insurance needs to seriously contemplate hiring an insurance adjuster. This is particularly true if the claim is for a high dollar amount. As a policyholder, you have little to lose as most public adjustment firms will offer to visit your property free of charge to mitigate the loss and to help policyholders to make a determination of the severity of the damage an whether they should even file an insurance claim or not.