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Don Forman Nissan Continues To Help Las Vegas And The Community At Large - Fond Sector B

Don Forman Nissan Continues To Help Las Vegas And The Community At Large

Don Forman Nissan is a name that is synonymous with philanthropy at its best. As a long-time businessman, Don Forman’s United Nissan remains a pillar of the community at large. With dedicated employees, they continue to give generously to local charities and non-profit organizations. This includes blood drives, food drives, and even book drives to help local educational institutions and establishments.

As a dedicated figure in charitable endeavors, Don Forman Nissan has a strong passion for giving back to the community. In recent years, they helped a gentleman plant crosses across Las Vegas after the shooting tragedy. Glen Zani was overwhelmed by the unfortunate events that impacted the city and surrounding areas that fateful day. He wanted to honor, cherish, and remember the victims by placing crosses in their names across the city. Sadly, he did not have the finances or tools to put his ideas to fruition. This is when Don Forman Nissan and his partners in the Fox5 Surprise Squad stepped in and covered everything Glen needed to fulfill this important task.

Don Forman wants to help the community that made his dealership a thriving success. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting countless families across the area, Don has made his vehicle inventory accessible to one and all. With MSRP savings, trade-in deals, drive-outs, and test drives with courteous team members, United Nissan is at the forefront of helping people find automobiles that fit their lifestyles and budgets.

Don Forman Nissan went the extra mile to gift vehicles to kids who needed transportation to and from college. The college-bound girls did not have enough money to purchase cars so Don Forman took care of it for them. Like the Las Vegas shooting, tragedies also plagued Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado over the years. Don Forman sprung into action by assisting victims of these senseless tragedies. These generous acts solidified the fact that Don Forman Nissan is a true philanthropist with a passion for helping people in any way he can. 

He also helped some young folks attend a local rodeo to meet their bull-riding icons. Similarly, Don and his team gave out free turkeys on Thanksgiving courtesy of Albertsons. The shoppers were delighted to receive free turkeys, which helped them celebrate the holiday with loved ones and friends.

Don also believes in the spirit of entrepreneurism. He has — and continues to help young business-minded individuals open up new businesses and commercial startups. No matter their economic background, Don loves to empower people to achieve and fulfill their dreams. Don and his partners at Fox5 Surprise Squad and the dedicated employees at United Nissan are shining examples of philanthropy in action. They continue to go above and beyond to help people that are dealing with economic uncertainty due to the pandemic, job loss, death in the family, or just bad luck and despair.

Don Forman — A True Example of Philanthropy By and For the People

When it comes to local philanthropy, Don Forman Nissan is always ready to help community-driven programs and initiatives. His team has participated in local food and blood drives, along with humanitarian causes and assistance programs. His passion for helping people stems from his dedication to hard work and giving back to the community. You can see this on videos of Don Forman Nissan and the Fox5 Surprise Squad in action across the social media networks.

Don Forman United Nissan also continues to grow and expand across the city. They are an industry leader in automotive sales and services. While the automotive industry has certainly been impacted by the pandemic, Don Forman Nissan continues to drive sales at cost-affordable rates. Don and his team believe in making automobiles financially accessible to individuals and families. This is why they feature the latest in Nissan cars and certified pre-owned vehicles with special deals that cannot be beaten.