Debt Recovery Options You Can Go for Now

When estimating the cost of recovery at each stage, you should consider a number of factors. Some of them are specific to a given path, while others you have to take into account during the whole process of collecting debts. 

Expenses such as:

The cost of contact with the debtor

We are talking about telephones made, text messages sent, meetings with the debtor. These recovery costs are incurred to a large extent at the amicable collection stage and in negotiations with the debtor. Do not delay taking these steps, because the less time has elapsed since the receivable arose, i.e. the deadline by which the debt should be paid, the better your chances of recovering the debt at the lowest cost.

Costs of payment requests sent

Sometimes sending payment requests results, but it is difficult to predict how many such letters will be sent before we can collect our debt. The costs of paper, printing and stamps will probably seem small compared to overdue receivables, but when combined, they can give high debt collection costs for which you would certainly find another purpose.

Salary of a debt collection company or law firm

Such remuneration depends on individual arrangements, however, rates are usually calculated as a commission on recovered debts, which depends on such factors as the size of the debt or the time that has elapsed since the payment date. Typically, the scope of services of such specialized entities also includes creditor representation before the courts.

The abovementioned recovery costs, depending on the adopted recovery strategy, may be present at any of its stages.

Court fees for filing a lawsuit

The court fee for a claim filed in an order for payment (for payment of a debt) and in an electronic writ of payment procedure (before the e-Court) amounts to 1.25% of the value of the subject of the dispute (i.e. the amount of the debt to which the claim relates), but it cannot be less than PLN 30 and more than dollars 100,000. In the event that a claim is lodged in a writ-of-payment procedure, the court fee is 5% of the value of the sum claimed before the court, but 3/4 of this fee is returned when the order for payment has become final. As a result, the court fee in both proceedings amounts to 1.25% of the value of the subject of dispute.

You must also take into account additional fees, such as PLN 17 fixed fee, which you will pay if you are represented by a representative in court, and other fees related to submitting letters, appointing an expert, etc.

The bailiff’s operating costs

They include, for example, an advance payment for conducting proceedings, payment of an appraiser valuing the property, business intelligence aimed at determining the debtor’s assets, or the cost of storing collateral taken over , click here to know more about debt recovery  .