Candle-Lit Home: 7 Candle Holder Variants to Boost Your Home’s Appeal

You may not be a huge fan of candles. You may not even be that familiar with the different types of aromatic candles that you can place to help invigorate your senses. Nevertheless, it is not too late to explore the unique appeal that candles and candle holders can bring to your humble abode.

From a natural crystal candle holder to a more modern rose-gold ceramic variant, there is a chic candle holder that matches your aesthetic and your personality.

Why candles?

Candles add a romantic and soft touch of light to any space. It is perfect for when you want to come home to a relaxing and “tamed” space. You can light aromatic candles around your bath or bedside table to calm your nerves and soothe your senses. It also helps you save more on your electricity bill.

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You can transform your space into your spa.

It is understandable to have concerns about possible fire hazards, but that is exactly why you must also learn about choosing the correct type of candle holder. Below are seven types of candle holders that you can choose from:

  • Lantern-Style Candle Holders

Lantern-style candle holders can hold up to 3 or 4 candles, thereby providing your room with more light. The lanterns also secure the candles and help prolong the time it takes before they burn out entirely. It is suitable for homes with pets or little children since the light source is stacked together neatly and can be kept unreachable.

  • Brass Holders

Brass material for candle holders is among the most popular variations because of its rustic and vintage appeal. The only downside to brass or metal-type holder is it can be too hot to the touch after a short while. Handle this type of candle holder with extra precaution.

  • Geometric-shaped Marble Holders

Candleholders made of marble can diffuse heat produced by the candles. It often comes in neutral tones and simple cutouts that it easily fits both minimalistic and sophisticated interiors. You can also use marble candle holders to accentuate the venues for intimate gatherings and celebrations, such as a wedding or a romantic evening date.

  • Ceramic Candle Holder

Ceramic candle holders are customisable. You can either learn how to do pottery or have your local pottery shop create a candle holder that’s uniquely yours. Some ceramic holders come in the shape of cups, while some bear more interesting shapes, such as a lotus, swan, basket, an owl, or a skull.

  • Natural Crystal Holder

If you are into the more eco-friendly and spiritually stimulating home decors and accessories, then a natural crystal holder is for you. A natural crystal candle holder is visually enticing and distinct. Natural crystals are said to be effective in reducing the amount of electronic pollution, radiation, and dust accumulation inside a residential space.

  • Log Holder

As the name implies, a log candle holder is made of reclaimed wood or branches from trees. It does not need any additional accessories because its appearance is already striking enough to catch the attention of your guests.

  • Candelabra

A candelabrum, otherwise called a candlestick, is one of the oldest types of candle holders. The structure and appearance of a candlestick are perfect for houses with a vintage or classical aesthetic.

Who would’ve thought that candle holders can highlight different interior design preferences and home living options? What is your personal choice for candle scents and candle holder designs?