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Project management refers to the process of leading a team in a project to fulfil a particular goal. The project manager is someone who leads the team to the end result. The project management requires the use of specific tools, knowledge, techniques and skill which help in effective completion of the task. The project management is bound by many constraints which makes it quite a handful task. The many constraints of project management include budget, time, scope and quality. It is the project manager’s responsibility to handle the situation and let the task end smoothly. 

The project can be of any type and of any duration. A particular project is aimed towards a particular result. Every project is temporary, some take more time, and some take less time. But all are bound by time. The constraints and situation arising in different projects are different. Some projects are physical (hard) or non-physical (soft). The common thing among all the project types is that they all focus on time, budget and quality. This stays the same for all despite the type of project. The project needs to be planned in a proper manner in order to minimize the cost and maximize the outcome. It’s the job of the project manager to look into this matter and do good planning to utilize the resources inefficient way. The main target always involves,

– Completing the project in the due time

– Making the project successful in its highest quality

– Take into account the budget and minimize cost

– Make full utilization of available resources 

The project manager is otherwise known as the project management professional. He is in charge of all the matters regarding the particular project, and it is him, on whose intelligence and skills the project is assembled well. The project managers need to have all the necessary abilities to lead a team and make the best he can. He is assigned with the work of right planning and execution of the task. Being a job of great responsibility, it holds great prestige and honour. It provides a great career option and has good growth potential. 

With the knowledge, the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is also necessary. It is a designation provided by the Project Management Institute. There are a large number of PMP certificate holders who are spread across the whole world. One can put this certificate in his/her resume and get a chance to show his/her the talent. Without the certification, one may not get exposed to the wide arena of opportunities. It is seen from a survey that with PMP certification, there can be an increase of 20% on an average salary. The certification has a significant benefit over career and salary potential. One can use the PMP certification as long as it has active certification status. The other benefits of PMP certification are as follows:

– There is a good chance of getting a promotion in a particular field.

– Your management skills enhance more and more

– The job handling capability increases

Eligibility requirements 

There are few eligibility requirements for PMP certification, which are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent (3 years non-overlapping PMP experience, 4500 hours directing and leading the projects, 35 hours formal project management education)
  2. High school diploma or associate’s degree (5 years non-overlapping PMP experience, 7500 hours directing and leading the projects, 35 hours of formal project management education)

There are many online platforms which provide PMP certification. One can get PMP certified with simple steps. To get the PMP certification, a person has to register and appear for an examination. The cost of this is not more than the benefit it provides to the individual. It is a one-time investment with a great return. For those who do not want to go through the exam and get the certificate, there is an option available for them. Now one can buy a PMP certification without having to appear the exam. Your career will prosper with this certification without any complications. The certificate that you buy will be valid in all the world around and is completely legit.