Best Details you Can Have For the Proper Choice of Restaurants

We have come after a rather long pause since we never saw each other. We have finished the 2019 season and we are preparing for this year. Here we are in the fourth episode of our meetings, episode in which we will discuss the choice of restaurant.

Some of you, when we start looking for the restaurant for the Sacramento Farm to Fork Festival, do not know what information to ask. This is how they wake up, after signing the contract, that they have to pay extra or that the menu is different from what they originally requested.

Room Managers

If you are fortunate enough to meet friendly room managers or Sacramento restaurants managers, things may become simpler to your advantage as well. However, if you go to the place with the lesson learned you will surely have more chances to sign a contract that will satisfy both your culinary and budgetary desires.

  • Why should we take this into account when choosing a restaurant? Simple! First of all, we are interested in the aesthetics of the location, what the colors of the room are like and how the location looks like. Secondly, we are interested in what we have on the table that is the menu. It would be great if you managed to serve a sample menu to know exactly what your guests will eat on the evening of your festival.
  • The details are very important and will make your festival a special event if you consider them. The menu price is a very important detail. You need to know that each lion you can negotiate when signing the contract multiplies by the number of guests you will have. Ask the restaurant representative if the menu price will increase until your event and if there are a number of required menus. Also you need to have a proper option for the restaurant safety tips.

The Menus

Here you will also find out how many menus the restaurant can carry, as well as the number of guests who will serve on the festival night. The drink at home or the restaurant, the fruit or the floral arrangements on the tables are details that you must consider. Where the food is prepared, you can see the kitchen and the toilet, ask if the room is rented, the maximum state time, the commission for the waiters, extra money is required for the rest of the services (cook, woman on duty), dishes, cutlery (attention not to be pissed, not to find 2 forks of one kind and one of another), the music is listening loudly or suddenly, your guests have where to leave their cars. These are details that will make the difference.

In the end, if everything is to your liking, you must pay an advance that must appear in the contract and the receipt for it. Also ask if the prices you are talking about include VAT or not.

An aspect that should not be overlooked is the early choice of the restaurant for the festival, being recommended to do so just one year before the event. Otherwise you may have the unpleasant surprise of not finding the desired date, or in the worst case, there will be no festival date available at your favorite restaurant.

We advise you to view more rooms, not to look at one that you think is the most suitable. From the discussions with the restaurant managers you can learn many secrets to apply later in your event. If you think you need more support in this area, we are here and you can call us with confidence.