All About NAFTA Towards Liberalising Trade Between The US, Mexico and Canada

The North America Free Trade Agreement-NAFTA sought special preference for the promotion of trade between the US and Canada later incorporated Mexico. Earlier it was Free Trade Agreement or FTA between the US and Canada, and in course of time in the advent of NAFTA, the FTA was terminated. Chapter 16 of the NAFTA specifically deals with entry of businesspeople temporarily and it has nothing to do with the permanent residency. Consult with Clearit itn number request for your entire assistance regarding NAFTA.

The NAFTA intends for greater liberalization of trade and commerce between the US, Canada and Mexico, and further abolish all business-related tariffs and other business-related barriers. The NAFTA also has components to ensure that the future laws would never impose any barrier that would go against the interest of NAFTA.

In the process of NAFTA in expanding trade and commerce in the specified countries, the individuals or the businesspeople need to access their intended countries in order to fulfil their interests of trade or to provide services or goods or to procure or sell their products or for investment purposes. NAFTA provides permission to businesspeople to temporarily enter their intended countries for their business interests. Besides this, NAFTA also has the mechanism of permitting specific categories of staffs or workers to temporarily enter into the market of their intended countries.

The main features and functions of NAFTA can be summarised as (1) NAFTA allows temporary access to businesspeople to their intended countries for their business interests including investments, (2) NAFTA removes LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) for the entire business people of targeted countries, (3) NAFTA removes the requirement of work permit for the trade visitors, (4) Under NAFTA, there is provision for the intra-company transferees and professionals to obtain the entry permission right in the port instead of applying for visa prior to coming to the intended country.

Similarly, NAFTA also does not facilitate specific factors. They are (1) NAFTA does not accommodate permanent residence, (2) NAFTA does not entertain replacing anything regarding foreign workers general provisions, (3) NAFTA has nothing to do with the processes of certification or licensing of workers in relation to their profession, (4) NAFTA does not have any effect on the needs relating to identity documents or passports, safety and securities and medical examinations. (5) NAFTA does not have clauses to provide privileges to members of family or spouses as this is regulated by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and related departments.