6 Reasons to Sell Diamonds After a Divorce

Considering getting rid of diamond jewelry given to you by your ex-spouse? Here are six sensational reasons to sell diamonds after the divorce is finalized.

1. Get Rid of Reminders of the Baggage

That diamond engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary jewelry can be a saddening reminder of what used to be. This can cause you to hold onto negative emotions associated with that long-gone relationship. Releasing yourself of reminders like diamond jewelry can be healthy.

2. Negative Emotions and Associations Stick with Jewelry

Do you think of your ex every time you look at the jewelry? Again, this can cause angst and anxiety that can be let go of by selling your diamonds for cash, and the money can be spent on something just for you that makes you feel good.

3. You Can Recharge Your Zest for Life

Stress is no good for one’s zest for life, so it’s the last thing you need after a long or painful divorce. Again, funds obtained from selling old diamonds can be just what the doctor ordered to help recently divorced individuals get away from it all.

4. Pave the Way for a New Beginning

New relationships can be challenging, but they will be more so if a new date mate sees that you’re hoarding a wedding ring in the jewelry box. After all, they won’t want to take a chance getting caught up on someone still holding onto gifts from their ex.

5. Meet Financial Goals

Divorce can be expensive and put divorcees in tough financial situations. That being said, many of those who opt to sell diamonds for cash need the money to clear up debts or meet other financial goals like paying for a child’s education or a down payment on a new residence.

6. A New Owner Will Benefit from Your Sacrifice

Somewhere out there is a newly engaged couple seeking a great deal on the ring of her dreams, and your old one just might be ‘the one.’ Others are sure to benefit by being able to own a nice ring at a discounted price.