Los Angeles the centre of Hollywood’s film and television industry but also know for its earthquake. Nearly about 10000 earthquake hits southern California area every area. And after the Northgate earthquake in 1994 which destructed many buildings, the department of building safety passed new laws for building safety, which makes it necessary for every building to be retrofitted. So, it’s not just for safety, but it becomes the law for the safety of human lives. And in 2015 two more ordinances have been passed 183893 and 184081 which covers all the safety standard for soft-story buildings.

Because after spending two years of assessment after 1994 Northgate earthquake city officials came to decision that the soft story buildings were high at risk in the next earthquake. So, that makes it necessary for all the soft-story buildings to be retrofitted.

Soft story buildings in Los Angeles

A soft story building is a multi-story building with windows and doors and large space. So, typically in Los Angeles, a soft story building is of three or more floors used for a residential unit. In these types of soft-story building, the upper floors are built over ground floors to get more space for parking or something else.

Type of buildings which require retrofitting

  • Building constructed before 1996.
  • Wooden framed buildings which have two or more floors.
  • Buildings that have built over ground floor and uses the free space as a parking garage.

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