10 Biggest Growth Hacking Strategies for 2019

In this world of modernization, privatization and globalization, there are certain simple hacks and strategies which everyone must know to lead their lives in an easier and better way. We live in the era of the twenty-first century where one has to be updated. It’s the need of the hour to be updated. So here is this article that will take you to the updated world.

Ever wondered why some business is prospering and the other one is withering? Ever wondered how a company grew into MNC (multinational company)? The answer is growth. It’s all about the rate of growth that matters and this growth depends on the customers.

Irrespective of age, caste, gender of the target groups, it’s the strategies which are used for the growth that matters. Initially, the traditional marketers did not worry much about their growth of business but later on the need of strategies was felt. A strategy should be such that it is applicable in a practical sense and is more flexible when it comes to the various situations. A good growth hacking agency is the one which involves a minimum input with maximum output.

With every minute there is an increase in the competition so obviously, by the next year there would be a need for some unique strategies. A growth hacking strategy is a specific plan through which a company or a business can acquire more customers which will increase its revenue and hence result in better performance in this hi-tech and competitive world. So following are the 10 biggest growth hacking strategies for the year 2019:

  1. Introduce offers-

 It’s always good to introduce offers. It is said that a person loves the interest more than the actual money. In the same way, when you introduce offers like buy one get one free the customer gets attracted to the offer as well as to the product. Hence, the growth increases.

  1. Urgency hack-

When you tell customers that this particular product or service might not be available in future at this price and quality, it showcases a sense of urgency which leads the customer to buy that product.

  1. Complementing-

When a person is looking at the product and is in the dilemma whether to buy the product or no, one can simply compliment his or her choice and appreciate it. In maximum cases, the person will be persuaded to buy the product.

  1. Online advertisement-

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their digital world. At this stage when one introduces and advertises their products and agencies online it proves to reach more people in less time. Make sure you attach a catchy caption with the advertisement.

  1. Sponsor events-

Sponsoring various events can automatically lead to the advertisement of your product and service. In such events, you can also encounter many other competitors and can promote a healthy competition too. By doing so one can also know which age of audience to target.

  1. Cashback offers-

Cashback offers are nothing but the amount of money that you get back after purchasing a product. For example, if a person buys a product of Rs.100 giving a cashback of Rs.15 would be valid and acceptable as well. This would attract more customers.

  1. Provide free sample or trial service-

A customer will always be in a dilemma whether the product is up to the mark or not. So it’s better to provide a free sample or a trial service to gain the trust of the customers.

  1. Maintain transparency and accountability-

In any kind of business, trust plays a crucial role. To keep the transaction accountable one must give the customer proper and valid bills so the true sense of business is practised.

  1. Introducing contests-

Contests like lucky draw wherein out of many customers one lucky person gets the proposed product. Even contests like wherein one has to buy products from the same shop for a specified number of times which would result in discounting can be encouraged to increase the growth of the business. You can also get in touch with a growth hacking agency to initiate the same for your business.

  1. Partnership hack-

Statistical reports and data have revealed that if one company ties up with any other company which is performing better would result in increased growth of both the companies. For example, Ola Cabs and Bharti Airtel tied up for better digital services which enhanced their growth rate.


In any business, the success rate depends on how well a plan is made, executed and rechecked. Hence, while planning anything these three aspects must be kept in mind. Only then these growth hacks would result in the growth of the business.