The difference between MTL tanks and direct lung

Decided to switch from smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes to healthier electronic cigarettes? Great decision. But, if you’re new to the vaping world, you may find yourself spoilt for choice –with  so many MTL (mouth to lung) tanks and DL (direct lung) tanks to choose from. 

Let Official Aspire outline the key differences between these two very distinct vaping styles and assist you in choosing the e-cigarette hardware you need…

Mouth to lung vaping

MTL vaping mimics the hand to mouth action that smokers are familiar with and guarantees tighter airflow, only requiring a moderate amount of vapour before it can be fully inhaled.

The MTL tanks are best used with high PG (Propylene Glycol) and 50/50 e-juices. They are ideal for e-liquids that contain high nicotine levels, including nicotine salts.

Official Aspire proudly supplies the Aspire K1 Plus – one of the top-selling MTL tanks on the market – featuring a new top-fill design that makes it easier to fill with e-liquid and eliminates leaks.

Benefits of MTL vaping:

  • smooth throat hits and more intense flavours 
  • stealthy option – doesn’t leave a vapour trail
  • fewer vapour clouds
  • low power devices allowing for a cooler vape
  • reduced e-juice consumption

Direct lung vaping

Direct lung vaping offers a completely different vaping experience. With DL vaping, smaller, handy e-cigarettes are replaced with larger, more sophisticated devices and airflow is increased. Vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs, through the mouthpiece, without staying in the mouth first. 

Generally, this type of vaping is better suited to experienced vapers who are looking for extra power, larger vapour clouds and custom settings. However, the best way for beginners to get started is to use a lower concentration of nicotine (i.e. 3mg-6mg) and this will help them to avoid an overly intense vape.

In comparison with MTL, DL vaping consumes more e-liquid. The reason behind this is that the coil inside the tank is larger and there is low resistance. This low resistance means there needs to be more power for it to function but assures huge vapour clouds.

An example of a DL tank is the Aspire Cleito 120 maxi-watt tank. The sub-ohm tank is renowned for immense clouds and vapours and can hold 2ml of e-liquid reliably.

Benefits of DL vaping:

  • advanced vaping experience
  • strong throat hit
  • massive clouds – ideal for cloud chasers
  • best used with high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) liquids
  • used with sub-ohm setups

Whichever way you jump, both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping are great for providing the instant hit of nicotine you need but are suitable for different devices, nicotine levels and e-liquids.

The more complex of the two vaping styles is DL vaping, so if you’ve just started vaping, MTL tanks are the ideal option until you work your way up to DL tanks.

If you’d like to know more about mouth to lung or direct lung tanks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team of experts at Official Aspire. They are always on hand to help and will gladly assist in choosing the right e-cigarette hardware for you. Call them on 0333 577 5002 or email