How much does it cost to hire a skip in Bolton?

Whether it be a home renovation project, garage clear out or garden clearance in Bolton, you’re going to need somewhere to keep unwanted items, but rest assured Chorley Skips has the perfect solution.

If you expect your project to generate a huge amount of waste, hiring a skip will reduce the need to make tireless trips to the tip or recycling centre – allowing you to get jobs done quicker and keep the interior of your car clean and damage-free.

Skip hire Bolton is a cost-efficient disposal solution for projects of all scales, and skip size can determine the cost of your rental.

Mini skips

The smallest domestic skips Chorley Skips supply are the mini skips. These are best-suited to DIY projects and are ideal for when you have too much waste to throw in the wheelie bin.

Mini skips, like the 2yd skips, offer ample space for 20-30 bin bags, 4 wheelie bins and 1 sofa and are suitable for every budget – costing between £60 and £100.


Midi skips

For projects expected to produce more waste than this, you could benefit from midi skip hire in Bolton. The 4yd midi skips are perfect for builders needing to segregate waste into recyclables and are also suitable for small garden projects.

They are designed to fit 30-40 bin bags, 8 wheelie bins and 2 sofas safely, and cost approximately £140.


Maxi skips

A great way to maximise your skip hire Bolton investment is to hire the right sized skip – preventing empty spaces. You also need to have enough space at home to accommodate the skip and to ensure access isn’t restricted.

The 8yd drop door maxi skips can fit 60-80 bin bags reliably, along with 16 wheelie bins and 4 sofas. They are often priced between £130 and £200.


Open skips

The largest domestic skips Chorley Skips provide for skip hire Bolton are the 12yd and 16yd open skips. These are designed to accommodate light materials only and reduce the need for regular collections.

Open skips can fit 100-160 bin bags, 24-48 wheelie bins and 6-8 sofas and are priced between £190 and £315.

Other factors that determine cost, include:

  • hire period
  • location
  • placement of the skip
  • permit
  • type of waste

For more information about the cost of skip hire Bolton, call Chorley Skips on 01257 475 300 or email today and request a free no obligation quote.