Make the Best Utilization of Your Business Assets


As general manager of SMEs, mid-size companies or as an executive member in a large group, you are in charge of the economic development of your company, and its growth is one of your main concerns. You are responsible for the overall strategy of the company, supervising its proper execution and assume the role of decision maker. This dual responsibility, both strategic and operational, revolves around the objectives set by the company and is based on the organizational, technical, financial and human resources available to you to carry out your mission. It is on this last aspect that we are thinking: how can good management of your HR policy directly support the growth of your company?

In other words, how do you make human resources the engine of growth for your business? What levers should you use as a decision maker to optimize the development of your activity? In this article, a reflection on the HR levers directly impacting the growth of your business. Now Bashar Ibrahim offers you the best tips.

HR at the service of your growth

According to the 13thannual report on the development of SMEs, for the second consecutive year, the economic and financial situation of SMEs and ETI has improved in 2020. This year is indeed the return of the new businesses and investment by SMEs as well as a further decline in insolvencies of all sizes (very small businesses, SMEs and mid-caps).

The growth of your business is directly correlated with the investment of your staff and more generally with the way in which you manage your human resources. However, a large number of companies minimize the crucial role of good workforce management: from recruiting new talent to training current employees, including the choice of an appropriate salary policy.

Several HR levers promote employee mobilization, their well-being and directly impact the quality of their work and their efficiency, leading to stronger growth.

Among these elements, we find:


Ensuring good recruitment is essential to hope to develop an activity under good conditions. Several factors contribute to it and among them in particular the diversity. According to a Sodexo study from 2013, more than 23% of mixed teams have further increased their gross margin and 13% their internal growth over the last three years in France. No company is spared by recruitment errors, they represent around 20% of the total volume of hires over a year.

Succeeding in attracting the best talents is a guarantee of the constitution of quality teams, of a workforce that will be able to contribute its know-how, its interpersonal skills, and participate fully in the conquest of new markets or the development of new products. . Thus, a rigorous and meticulous management of the candidates is one of the keys to the growth of the companies doing the best. Helping you with an application processing software will allow you to save costs related to the recruitment process but also to significantly improve the quality of your hiring, more careful and better monitored.