Best Sale and the Best Choices for You

Selling products and services in the B2B sector is not easy. And even less in an increasingly competitive market. As the purchasing cycle of your potential customers is carried out more and more online and is more and more complex, B to B inbound marketing strategies work perfectly. Yet I’m still surprised to see that very few companies use modern and agile digital marketing techniques or do not do it optimally. If this approach interests you, here are some tips for a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is the “trendy” subject of 2020. But it is still too often a theoretical notion. So much so that some companies have embarked on the deployment of such a strategy without really knowing what it consisted of or worse without having checked if this approach was adapted to their problems, their objectives, their resources not like them. Before investing in such an approach (and therefore continuing to read this article), make sure that inbound marketing is suitable for your business. For such businesses you need to upgrade computer hardware.

Communicate regularly on your social networks and calculate the return on investment (ROI)

Don’t try to have a presence on all social networks. Instead, focus your efforts on the 1 or 2 social networks that seem most relevant to your targets and create quality content for each of them . The idea is to approach contacts where they are and through the channels through which they are likely to interact with your business.

Why? First, you may not have the time to effectively manage all social networks. Second, if your social pages are sluggish, it could reflect badly on your business. A marketing automation tool can help you keep your social networks up to date, plan your posts in advance, quickly carry out regular monitoring and analyze performance.

One of your main challenges today is to measure and prove the profitability of your marketing actions . The objective is not to have the most “ likes ”, “ followers ” or “ shares ” (even if, I grant you, it is always beneficial for your reputation) but well to be able to identify the most profitable channels, those that generate the most prospects (or marketing leads ), opportunities and therefore to determine how this is reflected in turnover.

Engage and effectively maintain the relationship with your prospects (or leads)

Inbound leads are essential for growing your sales. So far, nothing new you will tell me. And yet, many players in the industry do not know how to initiate and maintain the relationship with the contacts coming from their site, their blog, their social networks.


Worse, most of the time, once these are passed on to the sales force, they don’t even know what happens to them (ouch!). This makes it impossible to identify the most effective actions and calculate the cost of acquiring a customer (or CAC).