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5 Best Rates Video Marketing Options Now - Fond Sector B

5 Best Rates Video Marketing Options Now

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool. If you have never used it, now is the time. In the following post we show 5 Video marketing ideas best rated in NZ. However, the use of the right precision and options are there now with the smartest goals for you with all the solutions present now. You need to have a proper idea of what you need and what you need to step into and then only you will be able to make the video marketing process a success.

Very interesting 2018 video marketing data

From a Word Stream study drawn in turn from various platforms, it is estimated that no less than 82% of Twitter users watch video on the social network.In addition, almost a third of all internet users are YouTube users , a platform from where 500 million hours a day are viewed.On the other hand, 87% of online marketers use video in their strategies.This does not include mobile video marketing data, considering that more than half of video content is viewed through mobile devices.The use of video has been increasing and according to a report by the Cisco  Visual Networking Index , it is estimated that in 2019 the consumption of online video will represent 80 percent of all Internet traffic for the consumer.Hence, at a glance and taking a look at these figures, we deduce that video as a marketing tool has great potential.

5 tips to create quality content through video

  1. First, show the experience of your clients

Nothing better than starting a video marketing strategy with your clients.Therefore, it is necessary to focus on those aspects and added value that you can show your audience through the experience of what your brand, product or service can bring to other users.

  1. Where do we start?

The best way to launch a video with quality content is to ask your audience what they like best and what needs they have.Upload live video and ask questions through your social networks to capture trends and opinions.

  1. The good, if brief, 2 times good

Focus on the video having a cool, short script. It is proven that the best videos have a duration between 10 and maximum 15 minutes.The rest is left over. And of course, keep in mind the maximum time that each platform allows, as well as its display statistics.

  1. The platform is decisive, but do not obsess

The most important thing of all when doing video marketing is to think about generating quality content.The platforms where to upload and viralize it are also very important to know how you are connecting with your audience, but they are not the main reason for the strategy to work.It is necessary to test and under the experience, adapt in which sites to display the content.

  1. Feedback with your community and participation

It is important to analyze the reactions of the content of the videos.Respond and generate conversation, and think about building a community with all those like-minded people.