Rough Repair Of Premises After A Fire

An uneven smoke damage repair is the preparation of surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors for finishing. Laying of engineering communications is carried out at the stage of rough finishing. In rooms where a fire has occurred, electrical wiring, partitions made of light materials are often damaged, screed, plastic heating pipes, and underfloor heating can be damaged from high temperatures. Hidden damage must be identified even before the start of the rough finish, during the initial examination

Post-Fire Repair The Main Types Of Work

  1. Erection of partitions and strengthening of supporting structures (if necessary)
  2. Engineering communications device (electricity, heating, water supply, sewerage)
  3. Preparation of the surface of walls and ceilings for finishing (plastering, plastering of gypsum board, insulation and installation of sound insulation (if necessary)
  4. Sub-floor waterproofing
  5. Preparation of the base and installation of floor heating systems (if needed)
  6. Arrangement and development of the subfloor to installing the finishing floor covering (ceramics, natural stone, parquet, massive board, engineered board, linoleum, and others). As a rule, depending on the technical conditions and the type of finishing flooring, the subfloor is made in the form of a concrete screed, a dry floor (Knauf technology), or plywood flooring on wooden logs. In some cases, it is possible to use other techniques, for example, a semi-dry screed.

Apartment Restoration and Wall Treatment After A Fire

The soot that has settled during the burning of objects and things in the apartment, on the walls, floor, and ceiling, reduces the adhesion of surfaces concerning finishing materials, making it impossible to apply primer, putty, paint, and lime on the walls. In the center of fire and places damaged by an open fire, it is necessary to knock down the plaster and clean the floor, walls, ceiling, and then apply a new layer of primer and plaster. Fire damage is not only received by your property, first of all, but you will also have to restore your apartment after a fire and start cleaning the entrance, neighboring windows. Your home suffers from fire and neighboring residences, and the entire staircase is soaked in soot and soot.