The identity of your small business may not be as strong as Apple or Walmart’s image – but there’s plenty to take away from the efforts big companies have put in for creating a unique identity. A survey from American Express Small Business Monitor revealed that demand for a unique business identity is at peak, and 84 percent of the participating small business owners labelled unique branding as a major determinant in the overall success of their business.

Creating a unique identity is important to define your business to customers, employees and yourself. Consumers today are more aware then they used to be in the past, and they are now able to identify businesses that attempt to spin their way to conversions. Therefore it’s important that the identity you create is a unique one. This is because in today’s competitive world, competitors are savvier at copying business ideas and sell them at a lower price than yours. A unique identity builds mind share and gives lasting value for your business.

Once you have created a unique identity, you can easily spread it out within the organization and to external audiences. For example, you can create custom t-shirts with the small business brand’s logo through online sources like shirtmagic.com that allows the user to create custom designs of the highest quality. The t-shirts can be given out to employees and customers who purchase products and services to wear as free presents. Some other reasons why unique brand identity is essential for small businesses:

    Creating a unique brand identity is perhaps the best way to make your business more credible. This identity will give external audiences something to relate to and they’ll develop an impression that the business is professional and reputable. Consumers are more likely to purchase your services and products as well as recommend the business to others than if the business is un-branded.
    Your business may not be established since the 1930s, but when you invest and place efforts in creating a unique brand identity, this will send out message to your customers that you’re in it for the long run. Customers will be more comfortable doing business with you as a result, and the data will tell its own story. Apple’s branding and how they overtook Nokia and other established companies in the mobile industry is a great example of how a company made consumers comfortable with their unique identity presence.
    A memorable identity is one of the major reasons why McDonalds and other big companies are able to thrive in their respective industries. It’s natural of humans to remember visual elements more than what they hear or read. In case of McDonalds, they remember the big ‘M’, fast customer service and low prices when they think about a fast food brand that provides good value. When your small business has a memorable identity, it will be the first thing that hits the mind of consumers when they search for products and services.
    As mentioned at the beginning of the post, it’s pretty easy for competitors to copy products and services and sell them at low prices. However, a unique identity will allow your business to mark its core strengths. This will allow new and existing customers to see how your brand is different from the competitors, and a unique identity combined with a well-thought marketing strategy can easily give your business a competitive edge. The future of unique brand identity is promising, and businesses who invest in it are likely to fare well and leave a mark on their industries.