What is the best pallet racking for your warehouse?

Warehousing is all about using space to its maximum, and what better way to make the most of warehouse space than with  a pallet racking system from WP Group?

A pallet racking system allows you to store your products in rows, on multiple levels. It usually consists of a steel upright frame that’s either interlocked or bolted to steel beams laid horizontally between the frames. Pallets can then rest on these beams in ‘bays’.

Heavy duty pallet racking systems can be organised to suit your budget and space. When choosing a warehouse pallet racking system, there are several factors to consider:

  • Floor space

Regardless of floor space you can benefit from a racking system. Even if floor space is restricted, you can build the system up high, maximising storage space.


  • Ceiling height

Knowing the height of the ceiling will determine how tall you can build the warehouse pallet racking system. If you have sufficient space, you may also think about installing mezzanine flooring to increase flexibility and to add new storage and production facilities.


  • Pallet size

Industrial pallet racking systems have different load capacities and depths, so when choosing one, you need to be mindful of the size and weight that can be stored safely on each bay. The type of pallets you need to store can influence your decision, with larger pallets requiring more space in between them to ensure easy access.


  • Number of pallets

The more pallets you have, the more racking you will require – but WP Group’s pallet racking systems make it easier for you to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse.

They supply racking systems to suit all industrial environments and make no compromise to health and safety in the workplace.


  • Shelf life

Single deep racking is the most convenient way to organise pallets – guaranteeing easy access – and is usually the cheapest way too. Double deep drive-in racks, on the other hand, allow you to store one pallet behind the other which means you’ll need to remove the front pallet to access the one at the back. This type of heavy duty pallet racking system is ideal for ‘last in, first out’ systems.


  • Forklifts

When it comes to finding an industrial pallet racking system, you must consider specialist equipment, like forklifts, as these need to work well with your racking system.

Take the double deep drive-in racks, for instance. These require a deep-reach forklift truck to place and  reach pallets at the rear of the system safely.


Contact WP Group

When it comes to choosing the best racking for your warehouse, only you can make the final decision – after all, you’re running the operation. But, for expert guidance and advice when selecting a heavy duty pallet racking system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with WP Group on 01706 875 500 or complete the online enquiry form.