What Are The Different Types Of Office Desks & Material Options?

When it comes to office furniture, you are going to need different types of desks for different spaces, employees, and different purposes. Executive desks, boardroom desks, and secretary desks are among the most commonly used desks in offices. However, there are many other options which will be required for a wide range of applications in other areas.

So what are the different types of office desks and what are their benefits.

Executive Office Desks

These are large office desks that provide ample storage space and have a large footprint. They are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, with the most popular ones being:

  • L-Shaped
  • Rectangular
  • U-Shaped

You can also have custom executive desks designed to your specifications, for an individual executive or a team of professionals. These desks can be as simple as a single rectangular unit to a large desk that covers the entire office suite. It is recommended to check the company that provides all the different style options and can custom-design office furniture to your requirements.

Secretary Desks

This is a complex single and tall desk unit that offers a wide range of features for versatility in application. Some of thesefeatures include:

  • Hinged desktop surface
  • Bookcase
  • Drawers or doors

These office desks are perfect for those employees who need more luxurious desks but don’t have all the space for a large and elaborate unit.

Corner Desks

These office desks are perfect for areas where there are space limitations. These desks are used in office areas wherever there is not enough space but the employees need more desktop space. They are sometimes also ideally suited for large L-shaped areas. More elaborate corner desks are valued for the amount of surface area they can provide.

Credenza Desks

Most offices will find use of credenza desks. These office desksblend together a traditional desk with a cupboard-based credenza. It is often useful if you have coffee-making or similar space in your office. Thus, it offers multiple benefits.

Writing Office Desks

Writing desks are simple open desks that provide a large desktop and feature minimal storage. Some of the key features of these office desks include:

  • They are ideal for placing along a wall
  • These desks can also be placed in the middle of an office room
  • The styling is more conservative and can blend into any office space
  • The design goes better with laptops than with desktop computers

Computer Desk

All offices have their employees working on different types of computer systems. There will be employees who will need specializedcomputer desks because of the nature of their work. Such office desks provide lots of space for the computer monitor and tower. They also feature lots of storage space for all the computerperipherals.

Similar to writing desks, these desks are also simple and efficient. Modern computer desks can be slightly different from earlier ones because of the growing trend for using laptops.

Desk Surface Materials

Whilst office desks can be made of a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and a combination, you would want to consider the surface material based on the desk’s purpose and the personal preferences.

  • Wood: This is the traditional choice of surface material for office desks. It is usually used on top of a completely wooden desk, but it can also be used on top of metal frames.
  • Metal: A more durable surface material, metal prevents scuffs and stains. It is also perfect for combining with glass to create modular desks. In addition, they can also be combined with wood for a more versatile look.
  • Laminate: These surfaces are often used as protective and elegant layers atop wooden construction. It is more durable than wood and protects the surface against stain, warps, and scratches. You can choose from almost endless colours, patterns, and textures.
  • Glass: A glass surface is a modern style element and can add more value and elegance to your office space. It is a versatile surface material because it can be combined with both metal and wood. The material can be removed, cleaned, and maintained.

So when looking for the ideal desks for your office, you should consider all these options. While the office’s style and theme can play an important role in determining what options you may want to consider, different areas may often require different types of desks and materials for the kind of applications involved.