The benefits of flexible conduit

Flexible conduits are easy to adapt and great for many industrial applications – be it electrical rewiring, cable management or preventing short circuits. But what else makes them useful?

5 key benefits of flexible conduit:

  1. Simplicity

When it comes to protecting cables, a flexible conduit offers unrivalled performance and reduces the need for specialist cables. It can be easily adapted to suit wires and ensure that they are properly encased. A conduit system also allows you to group cables together – making it easier for you to access when updating or testing cables.


  1. Quick to install

Flexible conduit systems are quick and easy to install – without special tools. Some flexible conduits, like Flex-It’s (A-series) PVC reinforced spiral conduit, have a smooth inner bore that effectively speed up installation.


  1. Resistance

The (SS-series) stainless steel range of flexible conduits are suitable for corrosive environments and provide excellent resistance for uses where  wires are likely to be exposed to  constant vibrating and flexing.

Flex-It’s (D-series) liquid tight conduit resists flames, oils and grease and can absorb movements and vibrations – great for machining and processing.


  1. Colour options

Having a choice of conduit colours is great for colour coding and grouping cables and ensures swift access as and when required. Conduits, like the (R-series) corrugated polypropylene range, are supplied in:

  • black (as standard)
  • blue
  • green
  • grey
  • orange
  • red
  • white
  • yellow

Please note that the coloured flexible conduit systems are only available in 20mm, 25mm and 32mm trade sizes.


  1. Cost-efficiency

Flexible cable management enables you to future-proof your system and accommodates demanding wire changes. Not only do they make it easier to remove old wires and install new ones, but they also reduce the need for expensive repairs or replacements by protecting the wires within.

Complete the online contact form, outlining your requirements regarding colour, conduit size, coil length, and the Flex-It experts will get back in touch to provide a quotation for flexible cable management.


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