Software as a service vs Software as a Product 

If you were confused about using Software as a Service or Software as a Product, let us delve on the two to help you choose right through Kings of the web’s post about saas vs saap. 

Understanding SaaS 

SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’. It would be the type of software that would be delivered online through a browser. It would be hosted by a software vendor or a third party. You would be charged a regular monthly fee for its use. However, on rare occasions, there would be one-time payment deals. It would be pertinent to mention here that the vendor of the web-based solution would be required to deliver a service covering all security, performance, and availability standards. All you would need is an internet connection for accessing the service. 

Understanding SaaP 

SaaP implies ‘Software as a Product’. It has been relatively less popular kind of software presently used. It would require the client to buy a license for a software solution that would be hosted on the computer of the client. The one-time fee would be relatively more expensive in comparison to the monthly fees offered by the SaaS software. However, you would not be required to make further payments except for the initial payment. When you look forward to upgrading the product in the future or install an add-on for it might incur additional costs. You should rest assured that additional costs might occur provided you wish to install the software on another computer. 

SaaS vs SaaP 

SaaP would need specific tools to be installed properly to monitor its performance, provided such tools have been made available at all. For proper SaaP monitoring, the machine on which the software is installed should be online at all times. 

Alternatively, SaaS has been a web-based solution that would be relatively easier to monitor for its performance and availability.