A Few Examples of Bad Management Styles

It is challenging for a business to find talented employees in today’s society and it is even harder to keep them around. One of the major reasons why employee turnover is so high is due to poor management styles. If employees are frustrated with the leadership of a business, they are more likely to leave. With this in mind, there are several examples of bad management styles which everyone should keep in mind.

The Micro-Manager

The reason why businesses have employees is that it is impossible for a single person to do everything for a company. Hiring employees means placing trust in them. The manager has a set of responsibilities and one of these includes placing employees in a place to succeed. Trust the employees to do their job. Micromanaging is only going to make an employee feel like he or she is not trusted.

The Autocratic Ruler

An absolute rule in the workplace is never a positive thing. Even though employees occasionally take orders and need to fulfill their duties, they should still have a voice in the workplace. If an employee feels like his or her voice isn’t being heard, he or she will become disenchanted with the workplace.

The Self-Reliant Manager

Many managers feel like asking for help, particularly from their employees is a sign of weakness. In reality, this is a sign of intelligence. If a manager is totally self-reliant, he or she will not be able to admit when there is a problem. As a result, the problem will continue to grow until it impacts the quality of the workplace. Remember to ask for help.

Using Positive Management Styles

It is important for every business leader to identify their own management style and take steps to avoid these examples of bad management styles. Improving management will go a long way toward retaining high-quality employees.