Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing Steel Pipes and T-Beams

The quality, type, and strength of Steel pipes and beams are very important when it comes to the industries such as oil and gas, power generation, and construction. Hence, picking the right kind of steel pipe is very important for safety. Besides, monetary losses can be huge if the kind of steel pipe you choose isn’t ideal. In this guide, we will primarily be talking about the two most popular kinds of steel pipes, the ERW pipes and the seamless steel pipes.

Keep reading if interested in finding out which of the two is better.

The ERW Steel Pipes

The ERW steel pipes (also known as Electric Resistance Welded steel pipes) are strong durable options that can handle up to a certain degree of pressure and temperature.

They are manufactured using steel coils known as skelp. First, the skelp is cut to a specific length that the customer has ordered. Next, it is passed through a rolling machine while simultaneously using a high-frequency electric current to melt the steel and convert it into a rounded shape.

Since no fusion metals are used to prepare this kind of steel pipe, it doesn’t have a visible weld joint. Besides, it’s super-duper affordable. It’s most suitable for applications such as fencing, water wells, and drainage.

The Seamless Steel Pipes

Seamless steel pipes are manufactured to handle extremely high pressure and high-temperature scenarios. They are better as options used for road boarings, tunneling bollards, gas and oil passing, and pharma outlets.

Seamless steel pipes are manufactured with strong cylindrical steel hunks known as billets. When the billets are hot, a Mandrel is used to make holes in the center of the billets. Naturally, the hole is widened until it reaches the dimensions that the customer has ordered.

Now that you know the types of steel pipes, it’s time that you know the pipe grades too.

Grades of Steel Pipes

Stealth pipes and T Beams provided by Stealth pipe and Steel distributors are of different grades as mentioned below.

  1. ERW Seamless Spiral
  2. Rolled & Weld
  3. A500
  4. A252
  5. Surplus
  6. Structural
  7. Commercial
  8. Fencing
  9. Drill Pipe
  10. Heavy Wall
  11. Oddball
  12. Line Pipe
  13. Caissons

On that note, let’s finally take you through some factors that you should consider when choosing a distributor to buy Steel pipes from.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Distributor

Only a few distributors such as Stealth are trustworthy. The reasons are as follows.

  1. They offer a stunning range of variety.
  2. They offer all kinds of services ranging from welding to beveling, splicing, threading, coating, and end-plate attachment. So, whatever you need, you can find it in a single place.
  3. They are leading suppliers of second-hand pipes alongside new ones.

To sum up, whether it is the choice of distributors or the choice of steel pipes you want, do not rush to purchase until you figure out the purpose of your purchase: the kinds of applications you need the pipes and beams for.