What to Think about with your Custom Business Signs

When you have a creative custom sign for your business this is a great way to stay in people’s minds. Some certain signs and ads are more successful than others. Everyone recognizes McDonald’s big yellow M. You need your business custom signs Los Angeles, to evoke something, or be unusual enough to be remembered. Strong imagery is powerful in the marketing world so here is a look at some things to consider when designing and having your sign made.

Use a unique logo to draw attention

Images are recalled more easily than words. Therefore a good approach is to create a logo, a graphic that is simple but represents your business well. Gradually as people associate your business and the image together, every time they see the logo they will think of you. This means brand awareness and they are more likely to come to you for your service or product when they need it. You can look for a signage company Los Angeles who specializes in making custom signs. The logo might be just a few simple shapes, letters or such. If you are not sure what logo to have, talk to your sign company. They often have a graphics department to help with that kind of thing.

Think about the color scheme

Having certain colors that are representative of you is another way to stand out. Going back to our original example, McDonald’s has a specific red and yellow that people link to them. You might decide to go bright and vivid, or something more elegant. That depends on your business, who your customers are and what you like.

Try not to make it too wordy

As mentioned, too many words is a bad idea. People will not remember them. Many are glancing at it as they drive or walk past so there is no time to read a long line of writing. Consider having just the name of your business, and if you have to, a very short phrase. Let the images have more power on your custom signs Los Angeles.

Use top quality material

Signs are not all equal in quality. That is in terms of design, colors, and letters, as well as in terms of materials. What material you have will depend on things like the climate there and how long-term you want it. While top quality materials do cost more that is worth the investment. The sign will last longer and look better sending a better message to those that see it.


Powerful and remembered signs tend to have the following in common;

  • Fewer words
  • A unique logo that well represents your company
  • Color or good contrast
  • Quality material

Look for a signage company, Los Angeles that has a few years of experience and is happy to work with you on a design you live. This is what identifies your business in people’s minds hopefully for years to come, so you need to find the right people to do it.