Ultimate Benefits of Owning Commercial Ice Machine for Your Business

Does your business use ice daily? How many bags of ice do you buy a year? Why not consider purchasing a commercial ice machine instead of buying bagged ice? Give a pat on your back, as you have chosen the most convenient option for your business! No matter whether you are in the professions such as the construction and service industries where employee health and hydration is important or in the hospitality industry where you want to provide ice cold drinks to your customers, owing flake ice machine or flow ice machine is essential. It will provide you a complete solution by fulfilling the ice requirements for your business.

Here we have shares the convenience and benefits of having your own ice making machine.

  1. 1. Fixed Asset: If you have your own flake ice machine, you will have a tangible asset for your business that will be depreciated over time.
  2. Economical: It will be more economically effective in the long term to purchase an ice machine out right in comparison to purchasing bagged ice if your business use ice on a daily basis.
  3. No Wastage: There will not be any wastage of ice comes from your flake ice machine. You can bag and stored the leftover ice for busier periods. Or you can also give your employees to use for recreational purposes.
  4. Convenience: From an ordinary glass of water to a fruity cocktail, you will always need ice! Since the ice machine will supply ice constantly for 24 hours a day, it provides the needful ice. So, you will always have ice in your machine, and there will not be any inconvenience in emergencies.
  5. Worth for Quantity: When it comes to the cost, the flake or flow ice machine is expensive. But, it’s worth investing in getting the quantity you need a day in and day out. It saves you money in the long run and ultimately makes you money.

Why Make a Purchase on Flake Ice Machine? Quick Tips

  • Resale value is high! If in any case, if you decide to resale your flake ice machine, you will obtain a better price if you.
  • They can be used for chilling drinks or display of, for example, fish.
  • There is no risk of accidental over dosage since the cleaning agent is applied sparingly.
  • Even narrow angles and edges are reached for a rigorous cleaning
  • Flake ice makers recycle all unfrozen water back to the ice maker so that no water will be wasted.
  • Best for high volume applications! It uniquely suited for high volume applications
  • Better sanitation! The flake ice machine will be more sanitary than types of ice which require more mechanical and human handling.
  • Give better product coverage! The flakes melt quickly to cool products efficiently.

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