The benefits of decluttering your home

Bubble baths, manicures and massages probably spring to mind when you think about self-care, but things that aren’t so luxurious can also impact on your life, well-being and happiness. Take decluttering for instance.

With just over a month to go till Christmas, now is the time to declutter your home in Wigan – and although it isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do, it can feel like a relief to let go of things that are sat collecting dust.

8 benefits of decluttering:

1. Find what you’re looking for

Organising your cupboards, shelves and drawers can have a profound impact on you and your home. If you’re forever putting keys down or losing money – it could be that it’s slid down the side of the sofa or gone behind a worktop. You’re sure to find the things that you’ve lost or forgotten about when you declutter.

2. Reduce stress

Clutter can have a psychological impact on your life and create a chaotic atmosphere. This, on top of the stress of preparing your home for Christmas, is not ideal. But getting rid of items you’ve been hoarding can slowly reduce the stress and create extra space to breathe. 

3. Make it easier to clean

Some people find cleaning therapeutic and get a real buzz once the job’s done. A generally tidy home is easier to clean than a cluttered home. Often, you’ll end up clearing the clutter instead of doing what you originally set out to do. 

4. Free up space

Simply getting rid of books that you don’t read, utensils that you don’t use and broken furniture will instantly free up storage space. It’ll also allow you to utilise all space when decorating your home at Christmas – making it more festive.

5. Save money

The earlier you declutter, the less waste you’ll need to throw out – meaning you can hire a smaller skip. Domestic skip hire in Wigan will also reduce the need for tireless trips to the local top, saving time and fuel.

6. Make your home safer

Whether you’re constantly picking up laundry off the floor or standing on a piece of Lego left out – decluttering is a fantastic way to make your home safer, eliminating the risk of trip hazards. A tidy, organised home also prevents the risk of fires breaking out as everything is stored in the right place – out of harm’s way.

7. Make it more comfortable 

Having a clear out is ideal if you’re planning to host parties or family gatherings over the festive period. You needn’t worry about your guests feeling welcome and having somewhere comfortable to sit and chat.

8. Donate items to those in need

If you’re having a good sort through your wardrobe, you’re more than likely to come across clothes and footwear that you haven’t seen in a long time. The same goes for toys in the loft. As Christmas is the time for giving, you might want to donate clothes to your local charity shop or toys to family and friends who will make use of them.

Time to declutter?

As we’ve discovered, there are many practical reasons to declutter. If you’re unsure whether to keep or get rid of something, ask yourself:

  • do I love this?
  • do I use this?
  • do I need this?
  • do I have more than one of these?

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