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Smarter Options with the Black Friday Trampoline - Fond Sector B

Smarter Options with the Black Friday Trampoline

Today we have prepared for you a detailed description of the pros and cons of various types of trampolines from frame to inflatable. In this article you will find answers to all possible (and impossible) questions about trampolines.

Today, both children and adults lead an increasingly less mobile lifestyle, but are very active online. This has a very bad effect on muscle tone, the work of various organs and systems of the body, as well as on the state of health in general. With the black friday trampoline you can choose the best now.

An effective solution to this problem is to buy a trampoline. This versatile sports equipment is used for entertainment and training, both for children and adults. You just need to choose the right model from the variety offered by modern manufacturers from gaming to sports, from home to professional.

The device of a trampoline and the principle of its work

A trampoline is a simulator for jumping upwards, consisting of a net or fabric tightly stretched over a strong frame or on an air cushion. Its design is specially designed and designed for significant dynamic loads, and each of the elements is characterized by increased strength characteristics.

Structural elements of the frame trampoline

Frame or frame

The base of the trampoline made of pipes has a round shape. Frames are made of metal, carbon fiber or plastic. The diameter of the tube varies from 42 mm to 48 mm. Typically, manufacturers weld tubes together, and in some places they embed bolted joints for ease of packaging design. A protective polymer coating is applied to the surface of the frame.

W-shaped legs

They serve as a support for the frame, in shape resemble the English letter W, so that the product becomes more resilient, stable and rigid.


They are powerful spirals made of galvanized steel. They are highly resistant to physical exertion and external influences. Typically, the number of springs is about one hundred pieces. The length directly depends on the size of the structure and is approximately 165-215 mm.

It is special flexible shock absorbers made of fiberglass. Shock absorbers are not available during trampolining, which eliminates the risk of injury. Jumps due to shock absorbers are smoother.

Jumping canvas

It is installed as a base and support for a jump. Most often made of dense polyester. The principle of operation of the trampoline is based on the springiness of the stretched web, where users jump. The swinging occurs due to stretching under the influence of the weight of the human body when it falls after the jump.

The action of the working area of ​​this sports equipment increases toward the center. The throwing force is the greater, the farther the jump is made from the edge, and vice versa, the closer it is to the sides, the lower the jump height.


Safety net

  • Protects the jumper from flying outside the product during the jump.
  • Most often used on sports models.
  • Mounted around the frame.
  • Spring protection. Protects the athlete from injury due to its soft coating.

Roof (cover)

It serves to protect the street model of the trampoline from the effects of rainfall, thereby increasing its service life.