How to Solve Issues With Gutters and Other Rainwater Systems

Your gutters and external pipes are very easily forgotten about during the warmer, drier months of the year. However, failure to maintain them can cause real problems when autumn and winter come about.

In this article, the guttering specialists at Total Pipeline Systems will go through some of the most common issues with your guttering and how to resolve them.

Blocked Gutters

This can be a particular problem if you live in a particularly leafy area, but all homeowners and tenants should be aware of this issue.

Throughout the year, and particularly during periods of inclement weather, debris, plant matter and litter may collect in your guttering systems and block your rainwater drainage pipes.

If left uncleared, this can lead to overflowing, causing serious leaks – particularly in gutters that run along your walls or near your roof tiles. Over time, your property may experience considerable structural damage and damp as a result.

How to Fix It

This problem can be avoided by regularly checking your gutters – particularly throughout the autumn and winter months. Any lengths that can be safely accessed from the ground, from a window or using a ladder should be cleared whenever possible.

If you are unable to reach certain areas, or if you suspect that a downpipe is blocked, you may wish to hire specialists to undertake the work for you. This should be done as soon as possible to prevent the problems from getting worse.

To prevent any future problems, we highly recommend investing in a gutter guard. This will prevent leaves and debris from collecting and blocking the route of any rainwater.

Burst or Cracked Pipes

Older pipes and guttering can weather and erode of its own accord. Impacts, pressure and bad weather can also damage your system. Finally, failing to clear blockages in colder weather may cause the water contained in the pipes to swell, causing cracks.

Again, this can lead to leaks that may damage your house. It will also make the exterior of your home look unattractive and badly maintained – particularly if algae and moss begin to grow.

It is possible to purchase sections of guttering to replace areas that are damaged. If your system is relatively new, this will do the job without looking too patchy.

Individual brackets and stop ends can also be replaced easily.

If you have older gutters or pipes, it’s often better to replace a whole length at once, as this will look more attractive and is usually more practical. It’s worth remembering that once one area starts to deteriorate, the rest of the system is likely to quickly follow if it was installed in one go.

For further information and advice about maintaining your rainwater systems, call the team of specialists at Total Pipeline Systems today on 01254 382 000. 

We will happily provide you with all the information you need and recommend the best products and components to help keep your guttering working like new.