How Technology is Changing Recruitment

To have everything in front of you at the touch of the button is power. The world is becoming more functional, dynamic and the Internet is really kicking up a storm. With the ‘Internet of Things’, a concept that describes the current trend of the interrelated state of technology, we are now cutting out the need for humans to be present in a lot of computer systems at all. Instead, we are making objects, such as washing machines and phones, relate to each other directly.

So where does recruitment fit into all this? We are all using platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter to find work, and make and expand our business connections. Your online presence can be seen by hundreds of people and how you use it is down to you. If you are intelligent enough you will not only be making your present situation as secure as possible, but you will also be looking to the future for your next move.

However, we are still behind on some of the most obvious tasks. Take payroll for instance, where the paperwork and tasks continue to fall on people’s busy schedules and workloads. With Payroll Services using artificial intelligence software, we can be connected more efficiently.

Faster process

Waiting around for the right documentation to be sent before you can sign a new employee for a contract can be a job in itself, but with systems that automate requests, this can be a lot more efficient. With some compliance software, you can now view and share credentials with facial recognition.

AI allows for systems to be running without the presence of humans. It can read thousands of profiles at a time, making it a lot quicker to match employers with employees.

More Freedom

With Industry 5.0 just around the corner, there’s the common fear of computers taking jobs from people. However, it is quite the opposite. Giving simple tasks to reliable computers allows for more meaningful focus on people-orientated work. It means the quality of work can increase as admin falls to the wayside.


With freelance work, the structure of the working day can be moulded around you. And as more people are working internationally, there might be times where you need help at unconventional hours. Online chatbots are one of the many benefits of technology in recruitment, allowing for your questions to be answered immediately, letting you get on with the more important business tasks.

Less bias

Computer technology can work to sift through potential employees and their credentials online. By only choosing those that tick the right boxes it eradicates the unconscious bias and works to build a more effective skill-based team.

Targeted adverts

Gone are the days of putting a heap of money into printing advertisements. With adverts that can be placed on particular websites, recruiters can now attract the right type of person for the job with the help of additional data

These are just a few of the benefits of how technology can be an aid to recruitment. In recruitment, it is the brilliance of people and their skills that make the job, but with technology, it is elevated to keep people better connected and allows for more streamlined communication.