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Local marketing is a set of communication activities that is aimed at local consumers with the main objective of increasing in-store visits (or at the site of your local business) and therefore sales.

The rise of local marketing against globalization

In recent years, local marketing by the online pr and marketing services has been going through a period of renewed splendor: after the “fever” of globalization, the markets were affected by a return to the origins that led consumers to go back to making their purchases no longer in the megastores or on the e-commerce, but in small shops under the house, in order to recover a more direct and in some ways more humane seller / buyer relationship. Local marketing stems precisely from this need. Click here to visit Fameoninsta website

Its objectives are:

  • Increase the reputation of a brand at the local level
  • Attract new, potential local consumers into the store
  • Establish a direct relationship of trust with the consumer

Local marketing puts the online at the service of the offline: web channels are no longer an end but a means to grow, be known and increase conversions in their physical stores.

Local marketing for local businesses and more

Any local company can benefit from local marketing activities: a lot depends on the goals you want to achieve. For some companies, local marketing is a necessity, if you have a restaurant or a store, you know what I’m talking about.

For others, who also have other sales channels in addition to the physical store, such as an e-commerce, doing local marketing is a real choice that implies the decision to link your brand to the values ​​of the territory and aim to increase sales becoming a reference point for local consumers.

Whether your business falls into the first or second category, in this article we will offer you a general overview on which are the most used local marketing techniques and which objectives can be achieved by implementing this type of strategy.

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The Local Seo to attract new consumers

Did you know that 64% of consumers do online research before entering a shop and that, conversely, 74% of consumers looking for online information on a store visit it within the next 24 hours (and that 28% of them make a purchase)?

The first thing to do to make sure that your potential customers find information on your site on Google is to take care of the Google My Business card and do Local Seo : we talked about it in this article of our blog to which we refer you for a deepening.

Email marketing for Local Business

If you believe that email marketing works only for e-commerce you are wrong. Even if you do marketing locally, email turns out to be an indispensable tool to strengthen ties with your consumers. Social media marketing works good too, you can checkout how to get free likes on social media platforms. 

Email is a means of one-to-one communication, immediate and without filters: arriving in the e-mail box of your customers allows you to communicate with them directly, whatever the object of your communication.