5 reasons to use a tube laser cutting machine

Great for cutting materials to specific shapes and sizes, tube laser cutting machines guarantee a precise and consistent cut. laser cutting perth is seen as a cost-reduction tool that enables endless design opportunities – giving tube laser cutting machines a clear competitive advantage.

As part of an expansion project, Ti-Tek invested in a £120k tube laser cutting machine to meet the growing demands of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who build quality parts and sends them on to vehicle manufacturers. 

See how your business could reap the benefits of Ti-Tek’s Fiber Laser Cutting Device.


  • Quality


Repeatability is extremely important in the manufacturing industry. When cutting metals by hand, parts are less likely to be identical as operators may use slightly different methods.

Using a programmable tube laser cutting machine  ensures a more consistent finish – allowing little room for deviation in dimensions. When components are laser cut, they fit first time, every time.


  • Speed


Needless to say, manual cutting processes can be timely and require expertise. Ti-Tek’s fibre tube laser cutting machine cuts materials much faster – ultimately speeding up the process and ensuring you receive your products sooner.


  • Versatility


Tube laser cutting is a flexible cutting technique that allows you to tailor products to match exact specifications. The tube laser cutting machine is versatile and can be used to create complex designs that would be unachievable with traditional cutting methods.

A laser metal cutting machine is easy to set-up and allows prototypes and product redesigns to be completed in little time – accommodating the demands of all OEMs.


  • Low maintenance


Manual cutting tools are prone to wear and tear and require regular servicing and maintenance. On the other hand, tube laser cutting machines don’t wear out as quickly and are almost maintenance-free – so you can count on Ti-Tek to deliver a reliable tube laser cutting service.


  • Convenience


The laser cutting machine is able to work faster, precisely and for longer. It’s designed to make it easier for you to cut metal to size/shape, saving you time and effort, offering a convenient alternative to other cutting techniques.

By utilising the latest tube laser cutting technology, the Ti-Tek experts have the skill, knowledge and expertise to meet order requirements of the OEM,  supplying correctly sized metals for them to create the products they need.

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