3 Innovative Technologies That Are Changing U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the backbone of any country. Every country wants to increase its manufacturing capacity and decrease the cost of manufacturing. Recently a lot of innovations are introduced in the manufacturing industry of the U.S.

Every coming invention is revolutionizing the industry completely. The U.S will now depend less on foreign countries for manufacturing their products.

Here are the three best innovations which have reduced the U.S manufacturing cost and increase the capacity of companies in the United States.

Advanced automation

Previously, a little automation was used in the industry. Mainly the automobile industry manufacturing was using automation at a limited level. Now, many industries are going after advanced automation. This will completely revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

We can take an example of the fashion industry. Humans will require a lot of time when any custom product is ordered by the customer. In advance automation, the customer can customize the product online, and the automation software will create the product without the interference of humans.

People can perform their duties at the final steps and during the inspection phase of the products. Some companies have even reduced the inspection phase by using the advanced automation laser technology.

This will require proper management so JDE can help manage the whole process. This way, the industry will produce cheaper products at a fast pace.

Ultra-fast 3D printers

In the past, 3D printing was considered science fiction. Recently, 3D printing came into the market, but the printers were very slow. Industries could not use these printers for their regular operations. This required a lot of effort because the 3D printers had to melt the plastic first and then implant the plastic at the right spot slowly.

In this way, the manufacturing process was even slower than the regular manufacturing process. The cost was also higher than the plastic pressing machines. This is about to change because a University professor has introduced the latest type of 3D printer.

This 3D printer can place the non-melted substance on the right spot, and this material will be melted with laser technology. This 3D printer has increased the manufacturing speed of the 3D printers up to 10 times. This is even faster than the normal manufacturing process.

When we consider the cost of manufacturing, this type of printing will reduce the cost also. Upon full implementation, the new 3D printers will decrease the cost of production and make them readily available to everybody. Even the products that were complicated to make before will become easy to manufacture now, even on a large scale.

Simulation Technology

This is another technology that is changing the U.S manufacturing industry completely. The simulation was mainly used in the gaming industry before and the manufacturing industry was not getting any benefit from simulation technologies.

After the discovery of ultrafast 3D printing, simulations have gained a reputation in the manufacturing industry. When we create a 3D model in the software, we can understand how this product will behave in the Real-world by using simulations. Any part of the machine can be tested before manufacturing. It will reduce the cost of manufacturing prototypes.

The time to manufacture a new product will also greatly reduce. Different companies have spent millions of dollars on manufacturing prototypes and letting people test them. To avoid loss, one must check for the latest simulation related innovations with JD Edwards.

There was a lack of simulation technology, so the companies were including the cost of prototype manufacturing in the final product price. Now, as the products are manufactured after simulation gives perfect results, there is no need to add extra cost for the final user. This will reduce the cost of the product for the end-user.


The manufacturing industry is interconnected. Innovation in one type of technology will affect all other parts of the manufacturing process. 3D printing has paved the way for better simulation. Better simulation technology has given us ways to test automation technology.

The automation technology advancements have given rise to better 3D printing. This means that all the manufacturing industry innovations are connected. We must invest in better innovative technologies to improve our manufacturing process and decrease the cost of the product for the end-user. This is important to beat the competition in producing cheaper products with good quality.