18 Security Tips that a Jewelry Store Must Follow

The holiday season may be over, however very soon Valentine’s Day is well within sight.

You must try to use all the time that you have with you now to ensure that the security of the jewelry store having pearl ring is strong enough for the next important shopping day, and also for rest of the year.

By neglecting various security measures may leave your business totally exposed during the time when various crimes against jewelers are escalated.

In addition to that, not getting into the security habit and following best security practices will only make more difficult changing as the year moves ahead.

Following are few important tips for quick health check of your overall security of the jewelry store:

  1. Try to show only single jewelry item to prevent grab-and-run thefts.
  2. Try to document every suspicious incident in your logbook.
  3. Try to share all suspicious incidents with the staff, local law enforcement and crime prevention network.
  4. Always close or open your business while 2 or more people are present.
  5. After closing and before opening keep all your doors locked.
  6. Greet and meet every customer who enters your business.
  7. If you find anything suspicious then use phrase or code word to alert all your staff.
  8. During special events or busy seasons hire off-duty police officers to work as security guards
  9. Spread all high value items all across your showroom.
  10. Ensure all the showcases displaying valuable items are strong enough so that it can withstand smash-and-grab robbery.
  11. Verify all alarm signal are working properly.
  12. Time to time review all your surveillance footage to find any suspicious activity which you must have missed.
  13. Prefer to keep maximum items in the safe or vault during night.
  14. Keep multiple IDs for preventing credit card fraud.
  15. Avoid posting photos which reveal the store layout or merchandise displays online.
  16. For preventing your internet connection for cyber crime encrypt your router.
  17. Review frequently all jewelry industry crimes which are reported.
  18. Keep your whole staff up-to-date about all security matters.