What Are Bitcoin Games

Many know Bitcoin simply as a possible alternative to traditional paper currencies. In its 10 years of existence, it has become a widely accepted mode of transaction, with BTC being used to purchase electronics, flight tickets, and even pizzas!

Not only can you trade Bitcoins for an array of different items, but you can also play engaging games that are based on it.

The best part is that many such games pay you BTC for using their app. Generally known as Bitcoin games, these online platforms are a great way to earn quick cryptos while you game on!

Why Play Bitcoin Games? 

While it’s possible to earn Bitcoins through other methods, few are as fun as Bitcoin Games. More conventional methods include doing crypto surveys, polls, and freelancing work. All of the latter are very boring…. and take a very long while to complete as well!

For these reasons, it’s best to proceed with Bitcoin games. They make for a more enjoyable experience!

But What Exactly Is A Bitcoin Game?

These games can be casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette or even Trading/Sportsbetting games. The diversity in these games is so immense that almost everyone can find a playable fit.

Each of these games rewards users with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The prizes are given to the top winner or a selected group of people.

How To Earn From Bitcoin Games?

If you’re playing any Bitcoin same that involves gambling (Casino games, Sportsbetting, etc.), you’re relying mostly on luck. Although you can potentially earn well from these games, there’s little you can do to control your odds of winning. It’s better to begin with games that involve some level of skill/tact. Here, we’ll be talking about two such categories – Trading Games and Brain Games.

Trading Games: If you’re a market wizard with keen trading acumen, you could try and predict the movements of Cryptocurrencies. Several games like Bitcoin Hero and SparkProfit reward you coins for the accuracy of your predictions.

Brain Games: If you’re a bit on the geeky side or simply have an itch to rack your brains, you could try out the various crypto quizzes out there. Games like Quiz BTC and Satoshi Quiz offer prize coins for the right answers to their questions.

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