Tips To Expand Your Phone Repairing Business

If you are more comfortable with new technologies and a handyman at heart, we are going to suggest an activity likely to bring you additional income without it being too restrictive. Have you thought about repairing cell phones, smartphones or tablets from your home?

You won’t need to invest a lot of time to train yourself and then get started. You will be able to market yourself quite easily, and if you manage to make a name for yourself, your small business could just save you a lot of money. From actic post you can have the best options now.

What you need to know to become a mobile repairer at home, on your own

There are a lot of companies that hire smartphone repairers, but you can very well do this job at home by becoming your own boss, if you aspire to more independence. To do this, all you need to do is declare your activity by choosing the micro-entrepreneur regime, this will allow you to start serenely, by paying charges only if you earn money, and by limiting all accounting procedures to a minimum. and administrative.

Very concretely, a micro-entrepreneur must simply declare his profits each month to pay his contributions. As long as it does not exceed a certain turnover, it is not subject to VAT. He therefore does not need an accountant or a secretary: he can supervise everything himself.

If you see this profession above all as a source of additional income, to which you do not devote yourself full time, you will not exceed the € 35,200 annual figure that would require you to collect VAT (which would slightly complicate administrative management).

The requirements to become a home smartphone repairer

Now that you know the administrative prerequisites for declaring your professional activity, you can more seriously consider your project to become a mobile phone repairer at home. 3 criteria are essential to succeed in this way.

The local: work at home for more simplicity

As a micro-entrepreneur, you do not have to rent premises for your professional activity. You can work completely from home, your home will become the company’s head office and your place of practice.

For a business like repairing smartphones, you don’t need a lot of space. Simply plan a sufficiently spacious office, suitable lighting and ideally a dedicated room, so that you are not disturbed by other family members while you need to concentrate.

Your customers will be able to bring their defective equipment to your home and come back to pick it up once the smartphone has been repaired. Nothing prevents you from offering collection and delivery services, if you want to attract more prospects.

The equipment: equip yourself well and manage your stocks

On the internet, you can easily get tools specifically designed for repairing smartphones. These are precision accessories, which make it easy for you to work on the tiny parts that are inside our phones.

You will also need replacement parts for your business. Once you have established your business and get to know your customers better, you will know which elements are most often lacking. This way, you can always order a few new parts in advance, in order to offer faster repair times on classic requests such as replacing a broken screen or an aging battery. Get all such information now from Bashar Ibrahim and research.