The Latest Stock Market Updates June 2020

Overall global stock market data remains optimistic despite the European fear of a new wave of sanitary crisis. 

Wall Street stock market was expected to rise cautiously on Monday. But, due to fears linked to the spread of the epidemic remaining significant, the European stock markets, which have benefited from a temporary positive direction, will start to decline in mid-season.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a record increase in the number of cases of infection worldwide, with 183,020 new cases registered in 24 hours.

In Germany, the outbreak rate of the new coronavirus jumped to 2.88 Sunday against 1.79 the day before. In the United States, Apple has decided to close its stores in several states facing the coronavirus resurgence.

Still, we can see that reopening of the economy continues in Europe, where Spain reopened its borders on Sunday and ended the state of emergency. France began the third phase of deconfinement on Monday.

Europe Stock Market Indexes

The oil and gas sector showed the most significant decline in Europe. Its Stoxx index dropped 1.77% ahead of the banking sector index(-1.45%) and telecoms (-1.37%).

In Frankfurt, Wirecard continues to dive. The financial services group lost 38.81%, bringing its fall to more than 80% in three days, after recognizing that cash balances representing an amount of 1.9 billion euros could simply not exist.

Lufthansa is down 5.35%, while the German Minister of the Economy should meet the first shareholder of the company during the day about the support plan of 9 billion euros that the latter challenges.

Arkema climbed 3.04%, supported by information from the Bloomberg agency that the chemistry group had contacted potential candidates for the acquisition of its Plexiglas activity.

The dollar lost part of the ground gained last week against a basket of reference currencies, and the euro (+ 0.27%) took the opportunity to return to more than 1.12 dollars.

Oil prices are declining again because of the risk that an increase in coronavirus infections around the world could slow the recovery of crude demand.

Brent’s barrel lost 0.36% to 42.04 dollars, and that of the American light crude (West Texas Intermediate, WTI) yielded 0.63% to 39.5 dollars.

The Latest Data to Follow at Wall Street Stock Market

Let’s take a look at the main stock price data ​​to follow the Wall Street stock market.

Apple open is $358.87 according to the latest NASDAQ market summary. The Apple Developers Conference should be the scene of new announcements on the group’s mobile operating systems and a new transition from its computers to homemade chips to the detriment of those produced by INTEL.

American Airlines is seeking to obtain $ 3.5 billion (3.12 billion euros) in new funding to improve its liquidity in the context of the coronavirus crisis. The securities lost 8.7% in year-end results.

 Electric vehicle manufacturer chief executive Elon Musk announced Sunday that the shareholders’ meeting and “Battery Day”, an event during which innovations in battery technology could be announced, are scheduled to take place on September 15.

In China, PEPSICO announced that production at one of its food processing plants in Beijing had been suspended after the positive test for COVID-19 by at least one of its employees.

NIO gained 8.6% before trading, Tencent Holdings has revealed a 15.1% stake in the capital of the Chinese competitor of Tesla.

The Chinese customs authorities announced Sunday that they suspended imports of poultry products from the TYSON factory in Arkansas after the discovery of new cases of contamination by a coronavirus.