Planning Social Media Marketing Strategy for Jewelers

Social media marketing strategy is also crucial for jewelers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are rapidly becoming a great platform for reaching potential customers. Traditional advertising ways like radio, billboards and prints have their place for small town jewelers with solid reputation but they cannot ignore the rapidly increasing exposure before target audience.

Social media strategy planning for jewelers

What kind of content must a jeweler post on social media?

Remember, today all kind of demographics make use of social sites. Choose content on the basis of chosen demographics interest and personalities. Mature customers have more disposable income therefore prefer to promote expensive jewelry designs. For millennial, you must focus on latest trend or bridal jewelry like pearl bracelet. Choose an interesting and relevant content for your target audience.

When and how often must your post?

Posting frequency will depend on the platforms –

  • On Facebook – Afternoon time is best because after lunch people take little break and check their Facebook wall. Post once every day, so that followers don’t get frustrated and move away.
  • On Twitter – Include images with half of your treats during lunch breaks. Include only a couple of hashtags for maximum reach.
  • On Instagram – Upload a picture including a hashtag during the times when followers are commuting for work or retuning home. Make sure to post consistently to jeep followers engaged.
  • On Pinterest – Pin content and pictures on the theme board during the day to gain good results.

Are you posting according to time zone?

If you have customers from different time zone then schedule to post content, accordingly. Create a time chart to plan post suitable to other destination with different time zone. With your local time keep track of specific time on foreign turf. In this way there is no need to recalculate all the time, while posting content.

Review social media plan

Give the plan for some time, so you get an idea if it works or not. Which one works and at what time? Each kind of audience differs, so content type and quality also differs. You may find that posting weekly during the week needs to be adjusted with increasing lighter content on weekends or posting 3 posts daily on Twitter is better because large companies post every hour. Your content disappears quickly, so you may not be able to post every hour on twitter. Its fine, you work with whatever you have.

In this way plan a posting schedule, so you can save a lot of time every day. Social media marketing mantra is Plan, Upload, Keep Track, Analyze, and Make Changes.