Kexburg markets globally

You have struck gold in your domestic market. Your online business is flourishing, but your financial portfolio is at a standstill. Or you cannot make any headway in your local market, and you are desperately seeking a way to get your products into a market.

In both cases, the answer is to go global. And while that might sound simple and could bring massive growth, it comes with a host of complications.

At Kexburg, we help businesses expand in the international market, taking away the stress and cost that might hold your business from exploring that market. We will use our order fulfillment expertise to guide you through the processes, rules, laws and the cultural aspects of doing business on the international stage.

Taking International orders

Order fulfillment, whether done domestically or globally, can overwhelm any business owner. And the problem can be compounded when it adds to other business challenges you might face.

Kexburg experts on global order fulfillment can handle all the complications. We will deal with government regulations, tariffs, fees, and what products are acceptable for sale in certain countries., which is owned by Jenkins, will not only deal with the constant changes in the standards of international order fulfillment, but we will handle the intricacies of filling and shipping incoming product orders.

Our international services

A lot of the steps that are a part of domestic order fulfillment are similar to international order fulfillment. And as part of our business family, we will continue to ensure that you meet the demands of both markets.

Our knowledge of the regulations from carriers, shipping restrictions, prohibited product sales and the most efficient methods for shipping packages, will help make the process much easier to navigate.

The local shipping and freight companies that we partner with will ensure that your packages arrive at their destinations safely. And our association with the UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL shipping will help us get the products safely to your international customers.

“Commerce and logistics are in our blood,” Kexburg says on its website at “No one does what we do better than us. We deliver on our promises and endeavor to always stay at the forefront of our industry.”

We are a leader in the logistics industry, serving as a model for others to emulate. We also work with you to ship products into the U.S. market. Our expertise in this order fulfillment process is a valuable option for our business clients.

Keeping it simple

Kexburg has an order fulfillment operation that keeps the process efficient. We are transparent with the process and keep our business clients informed throughout the process. These measures make it easier for you to rely on us to help you expand your business venture internationally.

We make it even more profitable to team with us because of our low pricing and personal attention. We also provide your business with other benefits:

  • No set-up costs
  • Pay-as-you-go service or long-term subscriptions
  • Discounts on large orders
  • Free shipping labels
  • Free returns processing
  • Free pricing comparisons
  • Free plain packaging
  • Full access to your information