How Do I Use Cage Nuts?

What is a cage nut, and how does he use it? A cage nut is normally shaped as a square nut which wraps around the nut, keeping it in place when he installs a type of equipment. When equipment is being installed, like a steel cage, these nuts are placed into the square holes, for equipment racks or mounting racks. They will hold the nut in the position very securely behind the hole.

Using cage nuts gives a wide range when choosing bolts and nuts from various sizes. No matter if a screw is over-tightened, the good news is that if she needs the nut to be replaced, without concern, the nut will not be stripped.

Since these nuts are used to mount equipment in metal racks, they can be easily identified by the square holes for its use. These nuts will keep your equipment safe from stripping so it will last you a long time. In some conditions, you may need to keep handy a screwdriver to help install these nuts, although it is simpler just to use a cage nut mounting tool which you can buy separately. In any event, if you need to uninstall a cage nut, use your mounting tool to let go of the cage nut wing on one side and work your way on the other sides gradually.

These nuts are used almost fully in the angles of racks with square mounting holes. They will allow your steel piece to fit into the square hole on nineteen-inch racks which are very ideal. In the cage, the nut is usually loosened that will let her to easily adjust when it is time to install the screw successfully.

The nuts are usually sold in a few different sizes that are either M6, 10-32, and a 12-24. These various sizes are needed because when trying to install your type of equipment, he will know to buy the correct screw that will go with the cage nut for a complete setup.

If he decides to use your nuts by using your thumb, it can act to grip in the event, any nuts roll out by accident. If that happens, it will simply fall into your fingers without the worry that it will land on his floor taking forever to find it.

These nuts will always help to adjust configurations and hole sizes successfully.

If he decides to use a rack mounting clip nuts, they are related to the nuts. They are mainly used for racks with unthreaded holes that are round and are very small. As a substitute, of being inserted into the hole, clip nuts are made to slide onto the edge of the metal without any stress and they are placed over both sides of the unthreaded hole for security.

She will be pleased to know that cage nuts always prevent tear and wear against threads that are a part of the rack itself. Wear is very common on materials, and regardless if she is uninstalling or setting up equipment during a weekly basis, she will be stress-free when using these nuts.

They are not hard to get in and out. That is why a mounting tool comes in handy. When she is ready to install these nuts for her equipment, clips are used to assist her. They are usually placed right or left for support. When installing the nut, she would only need to hook the shorter end, just for easier installation and getting the job done without any stress if something goes wrong.