Everything About Coworking for Your Basic Understanding

The coworking is the latest concept of a type of business services provision model which engages persons who are working independently as well as through a collaborative manner in a shared office space. The people, in particular, who are engaged in self-employment such as freelance workers, telecommuters etc. generally use and benefit out of the coworking facilities. Some business houses utilize the coworking facilities like spaces, equipment and other services for their employees which otherwise they would not have afforded. If you are a growing business or a large business, you can also use the coworking spaces for your office purpose along with the equipment and other services of renowned coworking companies like The Hive.

The owners of the coworking spaces eventually create a suitable working environment in the spaces and usually provide office equipment and amenities which are required for the functioning of an office. The normal features and facilities of a coworking space include shared working spaces, 24/7 accessibility for the users, board rooms and conference halls on a rental basis or on reservation, Wi-Fi, communal fax, copier and printers, PBX systems or Printable Branch exchange systems, shared bathrooms, shared kitchens lounges, etc.

The coworking provisions follow different types of business models such as some coworking spaces are managed as cooperative non-profit organizations who charge the users exact amount required for managing the services and operations, some models fix fee structures and flat-rate memberships on the basis of accessing the space on a daily, or some certain numbers of days per week, monthly or yearly manner. The coworking models provide various types of options and services as per the needs and suitability of the members. Some coworking has multiple spaces in different locations for the easy access of its members. Some organizations even provide coworking visas by working out partnered facilities in numerous locations.

The concept of coworking or individuals coming and working together in a shared space and environment was initiated by Bernie DeKoven in the year 1995 and the first coworking space was started in San Francisco in 2005. Eventually, the number of coworking spaces and the number of organisations increased over the period and as per the coworking wiki website, currently, there were more than 400 registered coworking spaces in different locations of six continents across the world as on July 2011 and over a period time developed in to thousands.  The coworking concept, as well as the system of coworking, is getting popular rapidly as more and more individuals are getting engaged in freelancing and telecommuting is growing fast.